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USDA Organic Vitamin B12 Spray

USDA Organic Vitamin B12 Spray

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  • Liquid Vitamin B12 Spray — a pledge of your vivacity & energy! B12 5000 mcg in spray – unbeatable & tasty support for your health goals! Formulated to support optimal levels of the vitamin to the body through fast absorption. B12 spray vitamin supports mood, and maintains brain health & energy production.
  • USDA Organic Advanced Formula — B12 Spray is made from high-quality, organic ingredients, ensuring you receive a premium product that meets the strict standards of the USDA Organic certification. GMO & sugar-free, and completely fabulous vegan Methylcobalamin! That's why every spray of vitamin B12 liquid supplements is safe, effective, and meets industry standards.
  • Focus, Mood & Energy — Elevate your mood and promote a positive outlook on life with our Organic vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin spray! Boost your energy levels and enhance your focus with the essential B12 vitamin. Say hello to sustained vitality, proper brain functioning & enhanced cognitive performance!
  • Brain Support — stay smart & healthy. B12 liquid vitamin in a spray – unbeatable support for your health goals. Unleash the power of 5000 mcg of liquid B12 spray! Red & tasty vitamins with berry flavor support cognitive functions and memory at a high level as well as maintain brain energy & functioning.
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