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GABA Supplements

GABA Supplements

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  • 💙 750 mg GABA Supplements – The power of overall relaxation: GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) plays a crucial role in regulating brain activity, promotes a calm, relaxed, and focused state of mind.
  • 💙 With 150 mg L-theanine – Powered with L-theanine, Magnesium & Vitamin B-6: L-theanine and Magnesium help enhance the effect of GABA by activating the GABA absorbing receptors, while Vitamin B-6 is involved in better GABA absorption.
  • 💙 Sleep, Calm & Relax – GABA supplement relaxes and relieves mental and physical tension. It has a natural ability to deal with nervousness and stress-related sleep problems.. GABA sleep capsules enhance cognitive support, including improved focus, clarity, and overall cognitive performance.
  • 💙 Made In USA – Dedication to providing potent GABA sleep supplements for our customer's health and happiness is what drives us. Our GABA calm capsules are made in the USA and are free from GMOs and artificial additives. We deliver results! Health is wealth – keep this treasure safe!
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